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Cross by marhawkman Cross :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 1 3 Venomverse by marhawkman Venomverse :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 39 8 Jetbomb by marhawkman Jetbomb :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 0 Screenshot 2017-04-26-23-28-12 by marhawkman Screenshot 2017-04-26-23-28-12 :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 2 0 LightCrusherC by marhawkman LightCrusherC :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 3 0 Hela2 by marhawkman Hela2 :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 2 1 BeltranCollection by marhawkman BeltranCollection :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 5 Hivemind by marhawkman Hivemind :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 0 Mera by marhawkman Mera :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 0 1group by marhawkman 1group :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 0 DesertDEMON by marhawkman DesertDEMON :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 2 Screenshot 2017-03-10-22-18-13 by marhawkman Screenshot 2017-03-10-22-18-13 :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 2 0 Khaimas by marhawkman Khaimas :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 2 0 Screenshot 2017-02-13-12-10-06 by marhawkman Screenshot 2017-02-13-12-10-06 :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 0 Screenshot 2017-02-13-12-10-44 by marhawkman Screenshot 2017-02-13-12-10-44 :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 0 Screenshot 2017-02-13-12-09-53 by marhawkman Screenshot 2017-02-13-12-09-53 :iconmarhawkman:marhawkman 0 0


symbiote 1 by stalnososkoviy symbiote 1 :iconstalnososkoviy:stalnososkoviy 179 26 Steven Universe EVERYONE joined the Crystal Gems!! by Guacola772 Steven Universe EVERYONE joined the Crystal Gems!! :iconguacola772:Guacola772 10 4 Blue Lantern Stargate by Xelku9 Blue Lantern Stargate :iconxelku9:Xelku9 165 14 Red Lantern Wolverine by 666Darks Red Lantern Wolverine :icon666darks:666Darks 177 52 Bruce Banner: Red Lantern by JerryLSchick Bruce Banner: Red Lantern :iconjerrylschick:JerryLSchick 257 47 Bra ssj4 V2 by Metamine10 Bra ssj4 V2 :iconmetamine10:Metamine10 136 21 fiesta de disfraces dbz by salvamakoto fiesta de disfraces dbz :iconsalvamakoto:salvamakoto 857 73 Ion Super Saiyan 4 by ELordy Ion Super Saiyan 4 :iconelordy:ELordy 564 221 Mint, Gohan x Zangya daughter by YoshiCrusader Mint, Gohan x Zangya daughter :iconyoshicrusader:YoshiCrusader 292 118 Seiya The Gentle Warrior Of Hera by QueenOfSaiyans Seiya The Gentle Warrior Of Hera :iconqueenofsaiyans:QueenOfSaiyans 32 46
The Reason
Some people have asked me why I always turn everything into something about Jesus? and my answer would be, because He is everything to me.
Example:  Lately my restless leg syndrome has gotten worse as they not only twitch and can't get comfortable, now my muscles are flexing and releasing, stretching and loosening, tensing and relaxing sometimes all at the same time from the tips of my toes to my buns. Some times my toes clench up like a fist. This isn't cramps, it's more of a workout except they don't just want me to feel the burn, they want me to feel the pain. Sometimes all the muscles clench up, my knees lock and they get so tight that my hips feel like they are going to pop out of the sockets. Naturally I call out to God about this "GOOOOODDDDDDD WHYYYYYY" and He replies "You might want to write this down."
:iconotisnoble:Otisnoble 1 2
Walk by Faith by Budzy2014 Walk by Faith :iconbudzy2014:Budzy2014 2 2
Borrowed Time?
Tomorrow is not promised us, so does this mean we are on borrowed time? Borrowed denotes a debt that needs to be paid back but if we know Jesus as our Lord and Savior the debt we owe God has been paid in full. As a child of God we should change the phrase to Redeemed Time because for us each day is a free gift of God. This has been brought home to me as my health began to wain for truly each day, each moment, each person, each breath is a gift to me. This also means that each pain, each sickness, each trial that God allows to come into my life is also a gift because He allows them to strengthen my faith and through these things I have grown closer to Him. The Redeemed of God are no longer living on borrowed time for each day we follow our Lord into Eternal Life.
:iconotisnoble:Otisnoble 1 4
1998 X-Men Ashes of the Apocalypse Game by trivto 1998 X-Men Ashes of the Apocalypse Game :icontrivto:trivto 3 13 Beyond Horizons - WP Pack by Hameed Beyond Horizons - WP Pack :iconhameed:Hameed 329 121 dawning of Doom by schnotte dawning of Doom :iconschnotte:schnotte 445 26


now with numbers, not 100% sure of the right labels.
1: Superior Venom
2: Zombieverse Venom
3: Mania
4: Poison
5: Venomized X-23
6: Venom Rocket Raccoon
7: Venom Space Knight
8: Earth X Mayday
9: Venom Rex from Old Man Logan
10: Brock with Venom formed to look like clothing
11: Ultimate Brock
12: Mainstream Eddie
13: Mayhem
14: Venom 2099
15: The Madness Venom
16: Punisher Venom
17: Spider-clan Venom
18: Angelo Fortunato
19: Second Ultimate Venom
20: Mary Jane RYV
21: Pork Grind
22: Ghost Rider Venom
23: Agent Venom
24: Mac Gargan Venom
25: She Venom
26: Lee Price


United States
I've actually been posting the resource node maps to the new Champions wiki.  Just in case anyone came here looking for those, they can now be found here:…
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